Thank you for supporting our effort to continually sponsor positive plus size events. We can’t believe 25 years have passed. Seems like yesterday when we hosted the very first BBW party in Newark, N.J. at a night club with outdoor pool. Day one out the park there was a line to get in wrapped around the corner. Babs was a success from the start! Since then we have sponsored many events including Atlanta in 2003 and 2006, Universal Studios Florida, Washington, D.C. Baltimore, Maryland, New York City, Jamaica, Bermuda, and we also booked out an entire water park for a private party! We have hosted so many parties, trips and events that I am getting brain freeze trying to recall. I do know that we bring Summer Jam back to Jersey where it all started.

JULY 13-15, 2018


Hurry hurry and get down to the party room! Not only are we celebrating Babs 25th B-Day but we are celebrating all of our OG’s! Calling all OG’s to the stage as we thank yall for your 15 plus years of dedication to Babs! Yall are what has made Babs what it is today and we thank you.

  • It’s the OG Walk of Fame! Award ceremony where we recognize those consistently attending Babs 15 plus years.
  • Comedy Show featuring the areas funniest talent.
  • Yellow and White Affair Dance Party. Highlight the night dressed in your finest yellow and white Club attire. Don’t worry about wobbling around in high heels. Your foot wear should be pristine white sneakers or yellow sandals.
  • Party Crasherz Entertainment works the sound and rocks out until you fall out.


Get up, get up! Sleeping isn’t allowed this weekend. We’ve got things to do! We continue our day with our traditional activities. Get out them Babs water bottles and fill em up!

  • Game Room – Spades Tournament, & Babs Got Talent
  • The Great Debate: Men’s Forum….. What do women want?
  • The floor is open for all to take part in the battle of the Sexes.

Saturday Day Club – Wakiki Paradise


Yes! Come into the club dressed in your flip flops and swim wear. Grass skirts should be covering your booty and Fellas Hawaiian Shirts are required. We heat up the dance floor for this indoor island. Summer Jam wouldn’t be on point, if we didn’t host a swim suit pageant. Ladies get excited about taking home a crown!

Saturday Night

Come on, Come on the Gala awaits you! Time to get all fancified! Come out fresh to death because this is our last night of celebration so go big or go home.


Paparazzi! Black n Gold Gala

We have fooled around all weekend. Now it’s time to act like grown folk and come to the gala looking regal in black n gold. Walk the black carpet while lights, camera and the Paparazzi take in your every move. Take home the prize for best dressed.

Now down to the deets!

Reserve your room right away as we will sell out quickly. You will be required to pay the first night in advance and please know it is non-refundable. Do not take a room from inventory if you are not sure if you will attend. Rooms will be a hot commodity and everyone from across the country will be here for Summer Jam 25!

All Access admission link is below. Please pay early as this price will increase very soon!

Click here to review BABS events policy. Purchase of an event ticket is acknowledgement and acceptance of our policy.

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