I can’t believe that all of this started 25 years ago!
What is Babs? BABS (Big And Beautiful “Says it all”) is a size-acceptance organization founded September 13, 1995 with a determined mission to level the social ‘playing field’ by eliminating size discrimination in social acceptance and other quality-of-life avenues. Through our international cyber community, advocacy and the presentation of motivational seminars and social networking mega events, we strive to provide individuals with information, resources and experiences that we know can facilitate self-acceptance, empowerment and an invaluable sense of well-being. Babs is very proud that our patrons represent a diverse snapshot of cultures, ethnicities, age groups, and economic backgrounds. Enrichment, Empowerment and Enjoyment will be the agenda for every event big or small. Each year thousands of people travel to our events to hear speakers, socialize, patronize vendors and share their thoughts with their extended plus-size community. Babs has hosted events in numerous cities and states including Atlanta, New York City, Washington, D.C, Maryland, Virginia and even Universal Studios Florida where we sold out an entire hotel! Babs has hosted mega international events in Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas and Canada! We have something for everyone including a book club, weekend getaways, ski trips, bowling league and a travel club all geared toward our plus size community. Review the event calendar and our social media outlets to jump into a world of fun and adventure with Babs!
Wherever you are in the world be bold, be brazen and enjoy the skin you are in.

Tyrone and Gayle Stallings


Founders: Tyrone & Gayle Stallings