25th Anniversary


Participants must be older than 23 to attend.
All participants will show a state or federal issued photo ID when registering.
Babs is a private function. Rude behavior, harassment, or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. If any of these occur, you will be escorted from the event and will not receive a refund. Babs reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone. All persons attending Babs Big & Beautiful “says it all” are doing so of their own free will. All attendees signify their agreement with Babs policies and their understanding of this disclaimer by registration and payment of fees. All attendees release Babs and its officers from any and all responsibility for the attendees’ safety and well being during the event and from any personal interactions before or after the event. You acknowledge by attending any Babs event photos and video will be taken and your image may be used in promo or advertising without further consent.

Conduct: BABS attendees are expected to behave appropriately at all venues. Unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to: use of foul languages, inappropriate gestures, disrespect of staff or other guests. If any of this happens you will be evicted from the venue.

Noise: Loud music that disturbs other guests will not be tolerated. Room parties that disturb other guests will not be tolerated, smoking in rooms will not be tolerated. Any noise disturbance reported by other guests will result in immediate action by the security staff, resulting in a verbal warning. If the noise ensues, a second notification will result in the removal of the guests from the hotel by security or local police department.

Alcohol: The hotel does not allow outside alcohol to be brought into the ballroom or public areas. You will be refused entry.

Attire: Risqué and adult rated costumes or party attire are to be limited to that of the designated private party/function room and will not be permitted in the public areas of the Hotel. Bathing suits or risqué attire must have a cover up when walking through all common areas of hotel including elevators, bar, restaurants, lobby and hallways.

The policies stated are to insure a wonderful experience for all.

Tyrone and Gayle Stallings